Are you ready to unleash the creative power, magic and connection between your thighs?

Sensual Seductress is an online embodiment experience to awaken your vagina, reclaim your sacred sexuality and harness your sexual life force energy for full body freedom, confidence, pleasure, an orgasmic life and effortless manifestations

Are you ready to awaken the power between your thighs and...

  • Come home to remember your truth - the power and magic of your body and pussy

  • Release your limiting beliefs and the past to liberate yourself and call in a deeply loving and passionate soul relationship

  • Stop being stressed, and feel full body freedom, connection, and intimacy with yourself and in your relationships

  • Channel the power of your orgasmic life force that will deepen your spiritual connection, create a turned on life and manifest your desires (limitless abundance, love, money) with more ease and pleasure

  • LOVE your body and sacred relationship with your vagina

  • Feel turned on, sensual, magnetic, radiant and ALIVE in every cell of your body

  • Open the flood gates to your creativity, passion and vitality

  • Speak up for yourself, be confident and make things happen to create your dream life

  • Experience more pleasure inside and outside of sex

  • Be truly loved and desired

This is the perfect time for you to say yes to creating a loving relationship with your vagina that will turn ON and transform every area of your life

This experience will empower you with tools that will create positive life lasting change with your sexuality.

Sensual Seductress is calling you in if...

  • Your sexuality feels suppressed from media influence, limiting beliefs and past experiences.

  • Life feels a bit "bleh". Your creativity and inspiration feel dry af.

  • You aren't experiencing as much pleasure as you know you're capable of having inside and outside of the bedroom.

  • You feel disconnected, numb or even pain in your vagina. 

  • Sex can feel uncomfortable or painful for you. You struggle to orgasm or allow yourself time for pleasure.

  • You feel blocked and stuck, the way you've been doing things leaves you burnt out.

  • Sex/self-pleasure feels "meh", it's not as often or  as enjoyable, and you'd rather eat chocolate and watch Netflix.

  • You say yes when you mean no and struggle with setting boundaries.

  • You feel heavy from carrying emotional "baggage" and you're ready to let it go to feel lighter

  • You're ready to prioritise yourself now and you're willing to step outside your comfort zone to feel liberated and express your sexuality with confidence

Any of the above resonate with you? Then this is for you.

  • Session 1

    Opening the heart chakra so you can trust and surrender (the heart is the gateway to the yoni)

  • Session 2

    Opening the sacral/womb chakra, and healing your pussy

  • Session 3

    Creating a loving, sacred and connected relationship with your pussy and body

  • Session 4

    Reclaiming your sacred sexuality to embody your own inner seductress and create self-intimacy for deep love and connection with yourself and others

  • Session 5

    Harnessing your sexual magic powers, your orgasmic life force energy to manifest your desires with more ease and pleasure

What you will receive when you sign up to Sensual Seductress:

  • 5 x immersive live modules with mindset reprogramming, energy healing, embodiment and tantric practices for life changing transformation

  • Replays of all sessions so you can join live or watch the replay

  • A bonus portal to my library of guided meditations, rituals and worksheets for healing and reprogramming your subconscious beliefs and body to create your most turned on dream life

  • A supportive Facebook community to celebrate you and cheer you on every step of the way, as well as space to ask questions and receive support

We start our journey on 2nd August

Are you joining us?

  • $777.00

    One time payment

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  • 2 x Monthly Payments of $400

    2 x Monthly Payments of $400

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  • 4 x Monthly Payments of $200

    4 x Monthly Payments of $200

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Chloe’s energy was positively infectious! What I didn’t realize going in was just how much past shame and baggage I built up in my body. The most amazing transformation was how suddenly my intense cramps absolutely disappeared soon after forgiving myself for so much of my past sexual history. Releasing the shame from childhood trauma and my early twenties. My relationship with myself improved so dramatically it had a profoundly positive impact on my marriage! I’m not afraid be myself anymore and I’m boldly going out with this new power and I’m going to spread this to other women! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chloe!! Love you!!


Working with Chloe literally changed my whole life. I am now much more relaxed, in tune, trusting, and I finally enjoy being a woman! I learned so much about the sacred feminine energy, experienced the power and love of true sisterhood, what it means to be seen, open, held, vulnerable, to trust and let my heart crack open. Chloe is a superb, highly professional and loving leader and wise teacher and I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with her.


My transformation is unlike anything I could have imagined (thanks Chloe). I learnt how to love myself, how to treat myself like a Queen, I developed so much confidence, so much self belief, I started expressing myself more, setting boundaries, speaking my truth, showing up more authentically, discovering parts of myself I’d kept hidden for so long. You really can’t put a price on doing this life-changing work. Taking the leap and investing in myself has been one of the best decisions of my life. Working with Chloe exceeded my expectations, she really goes above and beyond to support you and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the work and live a life on their own terms.


Chloe was absolutely invaluable in repairing my relationship to money, spirit, relationships, fun, sensuality and pleasure. Some memorable & specific improvements include healing & releasing trauma from my body and womb space, my bleed went from light to regular, I embrace all of me and feel ‘whole’ by myself, I feel like a Goddess! I am now getting visible and being vulnerable with my audience effortlessly and with confidence, and making regular income from my soul gifts and businesses.


  • I want to connect to my vagina and sexuality, but I've never done this work before, is this the program for me?

    YES! The tools you will embody inside this program will enhance your connection to your vagina that will transform every aspect of your life and can be used for life!

  • I've already done programs with you on connecting to my vagina and sexuality, can I still join?

    Yes! This is completely different to anything else I've run, it focuses on embodiment practices for the pussy which means you will get to lean back and receive.

  • How will the content be delivered?

    Once you sign up, you will be taken to the bonus portal where you will get immediate access to with reprogramming and healing meditations and rituals. The live calls will take place on Zoom, and then the replays will be uploaded into the bonus portal to easily watch back.

  • What time are the live calls?

    The live calls will take place on 2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th and 16th August at 3pm BST UK time. You can join live or watch the replays.

  • Do you offer refunds for the Sensual Seductress program?

    We do not provide refunds for this program

  • My question hasn't been answered here

    No problem, send an email to [email protected] and we'll help you.

Are you ready to join this Pussy Portal?

We start 2nd August

  • $777.00

    One time payment

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  • 2 x Monthly Payments of $400

    2 x Monthly Payments of $400

    Sign me up!
  • 4 x Monthly Payments of $200

    4 x Monthly Payments of $200

    Sign me up!